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Giant African Land Snail

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My 3 Giant African Land snails :D
I got two different species.
(2 Lissachatina reticulata albino body).
I got those two from my mother in law.
They were hatched March 31, and I got them on June 22nd.
And my newest member (Lissachatina immaculata panthera).
He were hatched on June 1st, and I got ham July 13th:D
So my 3 babies are still very young and small for there kind.
This species can grow up to 600g!
One of the largest snail on the planet.
Had some concern about the albinos losing color, already the day after. And as you can see, after a week they look like 2 other snails.
Have taking pictures of the bigger one almost every day, to see how it change in color.
But its slowly coming back now, just in a new pattern.
Can't wait for them to grow up to the size of my hand:D 6 months for now and they should have a good size!

Video of my snails eating:

StaldNord Sunbai
Kvinde | 23 år | Oprettet: 1. feb 2012

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Giant African Land Snail

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